we have a pope

A film by Nanni Moretti 

Cast: Michel Piccoli, Nanni Moretti, Jerzy Stuhr

English Title: We have a pope. 

The vatican is selecting a new pope. it does take time and when they finally agree on it the name Cardinal Melville is said out loud. The cardinal is set and ready to go on the balcony to say a few word he decided to scream on the top of his lung and leave. The people are waiting for the new pope. What is going on?  Well the Cardinal refuses the office, and that sets in a Panic in the Vatican. The officials do everything to try to reason with Melville, including a psychoanalyst, appointed by the Vatican.  Is that really going to work.


Here is the thing if you become the pope there is no privacy, unthinkable responsibilities fall on your shoulder and no seclusion. Who does want that job. You will be surprise some do. Cardinal Melville who is played by Michel Piccoli who is now 89 years old and still working. I think he has made along 200 films so far and worked with every director you can think of.  Melville simply can’t do it. He does not know why but he can’t. It is even arranged for him to meet with Italy’s best psychiatrist (the director Moretti himself). Then Melville slips out of sight, runs through the Vatican City and escapes onto the streets of Rome after seeing a therapist outside of the vatican. Since the election has not been made public he is just an priest in civilian clothe. He has been dreaming of being an actor but did not make the cut his sister did instead. Piccoli brings some humanity to the role. and this film has element of a comedy. The film goes into action in the vatican when you will see a volleyball tournament being played that bring some entertainment to the film. This is a nice little comedy with a punch and well done intelligently well done. You see I have been on other movie site and I am almost the only one not quite though who bring to anyone who looks at my site foreign film the great one only as well as the American movies. Most site will do more American film and little or no foreign film. Others will do more film of theirs counties than American films . Very few are like mine. I love all movie from all over the world ( the great ones only of course).




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