begin again

A film by John Carney

Cast: Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine

Here is a film that you should see with your girlfriend and she will love you for it and get lucky later on.  Begin again (although I wouldn’t went with that tile) is a freshly music romantic film à la fairy tale. A down on his luck music-business executive and a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan who just got dumb by her rock star on the rise boyfriend decided to make a demo tape by using the recording studio as the city of New York.

The soundtrack is wonderful with catchy tune and well written. It is simple to follow, fun to watch and yes it is going to become a classic years later. Carney avoided the cliché on this one. The story is interested and keep the viewer glue to the screen. Carney had a bigger budget on this one and better stars. Keira Knightley who plays Gretta is near perfect she gets dump by her boyfriend who become a rising rock star who she wrote songs for him. Later on she gets discover out of the blue singing a song at a bar where this music executive/producer is there half way drunk. He is played by Mark Buffalo who is terrific. He sees it as his come back and maybe he can have his job back, some kind of redemption. With the help of friends they find musicians and record on the street of New York. Here is an original idea for a story. What I like about both characters Gretta and Dan is that they don’t want to sell out they want to make a record their way , Gretta especially when she write the song the music has to go with it , she does not want something that is hip or rehashed, she want originality and she does not to seek out either she stick with her guns. Well written By Carney most definitely. Well have fun.


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