A film by Michael Noer. 

Cast: Gustav Dyekjær Giese, Oscar Dyekjær Giese, Lene Maria Christensen. 

“Nordvest” translated as Northwest a suburb district of Copenhagen (Denmark). The film has a documentary feel to it. It is like real life drama happening in the front of you. They wrote some of the script and the rest was improvised. Nordvest is a suburb infested with crime and gang in Denmark the gangs called it Peace when the film maker was doing their film. Keep in mind it is a Denmark film and the do thing differently than in the U.S. They develop the characters and the story, no big explosion nor extravagant gun fight or knife fight that is going to last 10 minutes, none of that. Just old fashion story telling in modern times. The story goes like that Casper (Gustav Dyekjær Giese) 18 years old burglar for Jamal (Dulfi Al-Jabouri) but soon Casper realize that he wants more in life, he needs more money. So he goes to the big Player Björn Every thing goes well until Jamal finds out and want revenge that escalate to gun fight. Björn tell Casper the is is you mess you will have to clean it up. So Casper armed with a gun goes to battle will he be put to the challenge or will he bring his brother into it. You see Casper has a brother  a little sister, and a mom. His dad is absent they do not say in the story which is cool you don’t have to know everything use your imagination.  He helps his mother financially his mom  knows what he does but tells him just be careful. The innocent one in the story is his little sister. Great film it moves along just fine. The actors does a nice performance. yes there is adult situation and violence but it is a gangster picture done well by the Danish.




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