Maintenant ou jamais

A film by Serge Frydman 

Cast: Leïla Bekhti, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Arthur Dupont

English Title: Now or Never

Juliette (Leïla Bekhti ) & Chales Lesage (Arthur Dupont) are this happy couple with 2 kids who is soon to leave Paris and live in the country side where they are building their dream house. Everything is set until Charles losses his job at the bank. The Family looses the house who is repossessed . Juliette who’s mind was set on the house decided to rob the bank and pay off what they owe on the house after the fact that she has been rob of her purse while getting out a apartment where she teaches piano. She is given a chance to identify the thief at the police station. Instead she wait for him outside the station and propose to rob the bank with her. Will they succeeded without getting caught?

This is an usual heist film or bank robber film if you will, here is a desperate women who want money to get her house of her dream. A love story develop there but does not develop well like I said before use you imagination. To me it does not need to develop too much. It is just right. Frydman does tell the story convincingly, after all he wrote the script himself. The heist is tense, they are both amateur bank robber. Duvauchelle is the quiet ex-con who does not say much and not crazy about the idea. He has is own reasons for going along with this. Bekhti is doing well in this film and is becoming as good as the stars stress out there in France. She shows that fear and anxiousness well trough her character. You know you see an actor at the beginning of their career as they do more of it they became better and better an it is nice to see. Arthur Dupont whose character is happy at the beginning later he falls suspicious of his wife. he does deliver the role well there is an other great actor. Overall a nice cast. A heist film à la French, never done before quite like that. 


maintenant ou jamais


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