A film byThomas Lilti

Cast: Vincent Lacoste, Jacques Gamblin, Reda Kateb 

Benjamin (Vincent Lacoste) who is following in his father footsteps he wants to become a doctor. He is an intern ready for anything at anytime but life as an intern is not as it seems. He is overwhelm with patients  his fear own fears, others interns , families, doctors. Will he survive just the first day?

Here is a cool little film directed by Thomas Lilti who was an intern at one time of his life before he decided to direct movies. This is an honest film that looks at the life of Benjamin as an intern in the hospital in Paris where his father works as a doctor. His first day hid superior gives him the tour of the emergency room, then give him a patient right of way. he meets them one by one all day. at the beginning of the film the character will develop , you will be introduced to them. Of course they are jokes going around because if you are a doctor in the hospital you have to have humor flying around from time to time other wise you will go nuts. Benjamin is faced with doctor who is an intern but knows more than him, he gets a little jealous but he goes away later on. The film goes along at a nice steadily  pace done purposely by the director. The happy moment are sometimes dark. Of course you have the director of the hospital who is on the budget and  makes cut without realizing that his hospital needs new equipment because the old one are breaking down or no longer working. He also don’t know that he needs more nurses and more doctors because you see like any hospital everybody id over worked. They pulled 52 hours shift at time. The booze is flying during lunch or when the are celebrating new years od nay other holidays. Nice little feel good movie that you will enjoy.




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