A film by Anne Fontaine

Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Gemma Arterton, Jason Flemyng

An ex-parisiens named Martin (Fabrice Luchini) settle in a village in Normandie where he used to live when he was a youngster, has a wild imagination and is Passionate about literature specially Gustave Flaubert. He is ecstatic when a english couple moved in the house across the street. Not only the newcomers are called Gemma and Charles Boveri, but their behavior seems to be inspired by the heroes of Flaubert. For the creator in Martin, the opportunity is too good to Pass – right in the front of his eyes he has  the fate of the characters in flesh and bone. But the lovely Gemma Boveri did not read the classics, and intends to live his own life.

Here is a cool light hearted comedy by Anne Fontaine. I would suggest that you take your girlfriends to this one. It is beautifully well filmed, the cinematography is splendid. Coated with beautiful et enchanting music,  the scenery is peaceful, and the film becomes sensual. Fabrice Luciani couldn’t have been better in this film the chemistry between Arterton and Luchini is perfect. You see Martin has this passion of Flaubert a writer back in the 1800. One of his book actually is called Madame Bovery. So Martin has this little fantasy about the neighbor next door named Gemma Bovery. Gemma is married to Charlie. The film starts almost by the end and we go in flashback mode at the beginning where it all started. When Gemma & Charlie settle in Martin is curious about their neighbor especially Gemma. Suddenly 2 men comes into Gemma’s life but what could happen? A terrific little comedy well casted and well filmed By Fontaine. The thing is you can get a glimpse of Normandie France in the country. Specially a look at a Château. France I think is one of the most beautiful country, with Italy a lot of foreigner that I talk to tells me that. We are good are preserving history of course we have great food and the bread is a delicately and so good as well as the pastries cheeses and wines.  . In watching a lot of foreign film I get a glimpse of their country and culture.




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