THE LADY ( 2011)

The lady

A film by Luc Besson

Cast: Michelle Yeoh, David Thewlis, Jonathan Raggett 

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi,( Michelle Yeoh) whose father, Aung San, was elected to head the country and then assassinated. Now the country is the dictatorship under the military junta. The daughter,  fled after her father’s death to England, where at Oxford, she married the professor Michael Aris, had two children, and settled down as a housewife. Burma became a hell hole sort of speak. People were getting killed left and right , there are the biggest violation of  human rights in this country. San Suu Kyi’s mother became hill so she went back to Burma to see her. She was allowed to go back to visit her mother and were told was non-political. The military and other people working for the general was watching her every move. But after witnesses violence by the hospital. A group of people got to her and wanted her to run to lead the country. When she runs for a seat in the parliament, the military Junta Puts her under house arrest for 15 years, even while winning the Nobel, and allowed to see her husband and children only a few times before he died of cancer back home in Oxford. She is a strong but stubborn woman she even said so to her husband. At least she finished what her father was killed for. Suu Kyi is now a member of Parliament.

This film was shot in Thailand of course as Luc said there were not going to let me shoot the film in Burma. He went there and took a lot of picture and filming with his camera. You see the camera now days takes pictures and can film also. Like he said they thought I was taking a lot of picture but I was filming footage that later he used of the movie. he was constantly being watched. It was Michelle Yeoh who did a great job incarnated Aung San Suu Kyi who had the script and wanted Luc to produce it but later on she told him maybe you should direct it. The Media tells you a 10% of the story Luc dig a little further and has resources at his disposition. I did not know the all story neither did I until I saw his movie, and what a story it is . You see the military wanted her out but they could not do her arm or jail her but put her in house arrest. She did it for the freedom of her people and wanted the non-sense violence to stop, and for the people to have a democracy so they could vote a choose a leader.  She did not see her husband at the time of his death nor go to the funeral. She kew she has to makes those sacrifices. Her husband understood, he was a good man. Let me tell you thing we take for granted our freedom big time and thank god that some of us are living in a country that is at peace. Great film. You must see this one.






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