BOY A (2007)

 Boy A

A film by  John Crowley

Cast:  Andrew Garfield, Peter Mullan, Shaun Evans

Boy A is based on a novel by Jonathan Trigell. The film opens you see a young man sitting at a table with an adult male. The adult gives him a present , he opens it up and see a pair of sneakers, the young man gets a little emotional taking one out of the box at that point you go what is going on here? Well you see the young boy named Jack Burridge (Andrew Garfield) gets release from prison. At the trial his name was boy A  and was much younger. The adult’s name is  Terry (Peter Mullan) the rehabilitation counselor who tells jack that he must never, never, ever reveal his secret. He believes Jack has changed, but society doesn’t believe it and will crucify him. Jack takes a delivery job with a Manchester firm, and begins his new life.


Here is a fresh new look of a story of an teenager , now an adult trying to get his life in order  you have to have 2 great actors to anchor the film Garfield, and the great Petter Mullan. Terry encourage jack everyday on getting a job at a warehouse in Manchester , having friends one of them is Chris (Shaun Evans), and having a girlfriend named Michelle  (Katie Lyons) the secretary at the office who straight forward ask “are you going to invite me for a drink then?” He does and fall in love. He wants badly to tell her his secret but Terry forbid it. but later all hell breaks loose. The director paint a gritty looks in the city, and a beautiful scenery in the country. You gets some flashback of what happens during the film also you see that jack is capable still of violence when a dude start beating up on Chris.  This is a story of a kid now an adult getting out of jail and trying to put together his life. A terrific little film that on must see.





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