A film by Marie Amachoukeli-Barsacq (as Marie Amachoukeli) , Claire Burger,Samuel Theis

Cast: Angélique Litzenburger, Joseph Bour, Mario Theis

Not easy to write about the life of her mother s a hostess at a cabaret at the border of Germany and France. Angélique is a 60 year old woman who has worked all her life in A cabaret. She gets the man to buy drink in order to talk to her or spent time with her at the cabaret. She has never paid taxes in her life ? she got paid in cash. As she got older customer are a rarity. But one who is crazy about her basically in love with her propose marriage to her. Angélique accept and goes on on a new adventure.

Here is a fiilm who won Camera d’or at the Cannes Film festival. None of the people that you see in this film are actors they play themselves. Some of the script was improvised. The thing is that Angélique never raised her 4 kids someone else did. She wanted to party all the time that was her job , her way of life to be free and doing what she wanted to do what she wanted to do. At times she is cruel and drinks too much even smokes too much. She gets with her new boyfriends lives together but the old ways of parting is in her blood. She get reunited with her 16 years old daughter who is raise by someone else. The thing is that Angélique has no retirement plan no house she used to live at the cabaret just the clothe on her back. If Marriage does not work out what will she do? It is terrifying to see this woman who has nothing to show for it. and he she falls on her ass she has her children to fall back on. But you see I see people who tells me their story were they were working one day the next they were laid off and quickly out on the street. They have nothing to show for it, no help, some has no children. Here is a woman who is who she is nd loves man, drinking, smoking, and parting. This film is a peace of art. I do not know if it will be shown in the state but take a look at it if it does.




Video in French. 


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