ELLE L’ ADORE (2014)


A film by Jeanne Herry

Cast: Sandrine Kiberlain, Laurent Lafitte, Arthur

English: She adores him

Muriel Bayen,(Sandrine Kinberlain ) a divorced beautician and mother of two, loves to tell stories in oder to feel important. One thing she does not laugh and take seriously is Vincent La Croix who is a successful singer and for years she is a devoted fan going to  his concert even she is there when he is a TV show. One night he knocks on her door needs her help and yes there is a but but…..

Here is a dark comedy From Herry. Here is a fan who is completely blind by this singer that she is a fan of for the last 20 years when he ask her to do something for her, she accept immediately. They go in the garage she gives him her keys to the car and tells her he will do this himself. She goes back to her apartment and waits for him to come back. When he does he tells her to go to Switzerland  and see my sister after which you give her the keys to your car and this letter, she will be back in an hour and you return home. do not look in the truck it is best if you don’t he tells her. She is on her way. He calls her back and said to her how did it go? She said fine. But is it? You see if I was fan of some singer and she would come to my door and said I need your help and tell me even do not look in the truck, seriously I don’t think so that would be suspicious to me already, but to Muriel who is completely blind by him she goes for it without asking question. Here Sandrine Kiberlain shines big time she is familiar with comedy, as well as Laurent Lafitte. They both deserve each other in this film. You see the director does not show you if Muriel went in Switzerland, you assume she went. But did she really? You do not know. You know what she told Vincent. The story is simple and by the way it is a triller dark comedy never been done that way.




Sorry French trailer only. 


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