A film by Jean-Charles Hue

Cast: Frédéric Dorkel, Jason François, Michael Dauber

18 year old Jason Dorkel belongs to a community of gypsies. His brother is getting out of jail that day after 15 years. Jason is going to be baptize the next day. When his brother comes back they go on a road trip with his other brother and his cousin and decided to steal a truck full of copper.

Here is a film that feels like a documentary. The director decided to use real gypsy the whole family of it instead of professional actor. There is the prequel of the is film that I have not seen so I will be looking for it named la BM du seigneur  . In some places there is humor in this film. You see Jean-Charles Hue filmed the family of gypsy named the Dorkel family for 7 years and that’s how the first film was born. Mange tes morts is the sequel, the title is an insult to the gypsy it means spit on your ancestors it is  hard to translate that one but I think that is it , you see the gypsy respect their ancestors. Technically this film is like a documentary western type. The bother Fred who served 15 years in jail still wants to go back to his old way of stealing because he has no money but a job is out of the question. The elder tells him that the old way is over everybody has a job here and makes an honest living. But Fred has other ideas. So they are going on a road trip to blow some steam and to steal a truck full of copper. I have heard of this French director at all this is the first for me so so far so good.

mange tes morts


This video is in French. 


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