trading places

A film by John Landis

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, Ralph Bellamy

Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy), a con man who makes his first appearance as a blind, legless veteran. Dan Aykroyd is Louis Winthorpe III, a commodities broker. And, in a masterstroke of casting,  Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche are cast as the Duke brothers, filthy rich men who make little wagers involving human lives. One day it happens the wager comes in. Louis Winthorpe III gets Valentine arrested for stealing his brief case but we know that Valentine is innocent because he is black and he bump into Windthorpe. Mortimer Duke bets his brother that if the black man will trade places with the white man in no time at all the black man that he will do as good if not better than Windthorpe on the trading floor.  Well you know how it is because the dukes are rich they can make anything happen. They strip Windthorpe  of everything  his job, his home, his butler, his fiancee, his limousine, his self-respect; he is nothing.They give Valentine what they’ve taken from Windthorpe amen to that one. and the movie takes off as the fortunes of the two changelings as they painfully adjust to their new lives. But the dukes as a commodity scam going.

Here is a great comedy well casted and well written and Aykroyd and Murphy are perfect for each other. The comedy is great and you will have a good time. You have a great supporting cast as well A hooker with a heard of gold play by Jaimie Lee Curtis. Denholm Elliott successfully plays butler to both Aykroyd and Murphy, which he is doing a great job at it. You see this comedy involves a commodity scam, a chase, a New Year’s Eve party on a train and a gay gorilla, what more do you want in a comedy.




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