The Equalizer (2014)

A film by Antoine Fuqua

Cast: Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz

While his co-workers treat him with respect and count on him for advice, they also wonder about his past. He jokes with a couple young guys that he used to be a Pip meaning one of Gladys Knight’s backup dancers and they almost buy it as Washington pulls off some cool dancing moves. He is a loner and no one knows too much or not at all about him. He is san insomniac and goes to his favorite diner to get a cup of tea and read a book plus as a bonus a conversation with a hooker who stops by every night. she even reveals her dream to him. They walk into the night but get interrupted by 2 goons one with a gun. Of course you know that is her pimp and his bodyguard they gave him a card so he could get an other girl because this one is no good. He goes back the next day to the dinner and the owner tells him she got beating up bad she is at the hospital.

Here is an other film by Antoine Fuqua He chooses his film by subject matter as he said in an interview. It is from the series the equalizer.  So when I saw the Trailer for it in France at the theater I go man I hope he din’t turn it to an action film. Thank got it is Antoine Fuqua. Its turned out to be this cool  crime thriller. So let’s get back to the film. So you know what is going to happen we seen those movies before even western has been done like that. But for me I don’t get tired of it if it is well done and it is. You know when he goes to the pimp and get the bad guys that there will be more after all it is the Russian mafia. There will be more coming. The only thing in this film you don’t get flashback of the life of McCall and that is cool. What i live about this film is teddy who’s torso is like the satanic chapel of hell.  Of course there are bad cops on the payroll nothing new there either. What i like also the fight scene well choreographed at times with flowing water like if it is washing evil away. Denzel delivers a great performance there as always. everything was just right in the is film. It felt like a thriller/film noir. I can’t wait to see the next one from Fuqua.




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