GONE GIRL (2014)

gone girl

A film by David Fincher

Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris

Gone girl is a triller that will make you think of the horrors of domesticity. It is like you are watching 3 movies back to back. Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck), he’s a college professor and a blocked writer.  he goes to a bar and gets a bourbon on the rock at 11:00 am. It is his 5th wedding anniversary and he is not all happy. He goes back home and find sign of struggles and a table broken with glass every where he calls the police. They investigate the premises but later on as the days goes by the husband is the prime suspect. He demand his lawyer not any lawyer the best in the country for cases like that his. Did he kill his wife or is he being set up.

The story is accompanied wit flashback where the Nick’s wife (Rosamund Pike) read in voice-over of her diary. They seems like a happy couple. the thing is can we trust what they are telling us? Is Amy’s diary accurate? And you are going to say when you see the film “Okay this is being done over and over” Yes it has over the years Husband’s wife is missing later you find out what his motive was. But in this one it goes one one way and you think okay it is going to go that way but it is not what so ever. I knew 10 minutes in the movie who did it already what I did know and should of known is how it ended. I am being wage as possible because if I put too much details into it than I will reveal too much and it will spoil it for the people who has not seen it yet. It is like I said 3 movies that I can think of but won’t say (Because I would give it away) combine into one like I said before. It will make you think and raises a lot of questions. The movie refers to real fears, real emotions and real  love or friendship. There are some funny moment at times, but when I was in the theater there was some laugh but really there were chuckles. People did know if this was really funny or not. It is a sick film in a sense but brilliant. It has not been done like that before. The audience as they left the theater was silent none was talking every one was thinking and the single people were thinking Gee I am not getting married ever. I am glad that I am not. LOL or was that a chuckle.




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