A film by Tony Gatlif

Cast: Céline Sallette, Rachid Yous, David Murgia

In the sweltering august heat in the south of France, Geronimo a young social worker tries to ease tension between 2 Clan of the St. Pierre neighborhood. Every thing changes when a clan member runs out of her wedding to be join by an other clan member from the opposite side which sparks hostility between the two clan with Geronimo in the middle.

Here is a story across Romeo and julliette / westside story version gypsies . A teenager girl of Turkish origin fleas her own arrange wedding with an another clan member from the gypsies clan to flee the country.  Geronimo who is a social worker tries to ease the tension even knows most of them took care of some of them they come from a broken home. They try to settle this with dancing sets in this big warehouse and some cool music. You see Geronimo the social worker has her hand full with a bunch of kids who steal at supermarkets and retail store anything they can get their hands on.  she is trying to get them to do good in this world but some of them are influence by Turkish clan member as well as by the gypsies clan. Geronimo has her plate full with those kids. She is trying to find the runaway bride before her own clan kills her because she dishonored the clan. A showdown between the 2 clans happens and dancing takes place with some Gypsies music. Some cool urban cinematography in this film. The start of the film is à la Romeo and Julliette and towards the end is à la West Side Story and you have a cool little film à la Tony Gatlif.




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