captaine conan

A  film by Bertrand Tavernier

Cast: Philippe Torreton, Samuel Le Bihan, Bernard Le Coq

Bulgaria near the end of World War I, Conan warrior lead a group of 50 soldiers ruthless soldier who prefer hand to hand combat.Their motto: “We forgot to take prisoners, Captain.” When the war ends they go to Bucharest where the captain is trying to keep them out of trouble. But a bar got robbed by 3 men with mask. Nobert a friend of Conan from the war accepts a job as court-martial prosecutor because he’s learned that Conan will be facing charges and he wants to protect his friend, but Conan does not see it that way. Will their friendship survived the trial?

Here is a great film by Bertrand Tavernier.Conan tells his friend “3000 men like me won the war. Anyone can kill at a distance, but only a few learn to kill with the knife, eye to eye.” this was a group of soldier who took pride that they could kill with a knife on a hand to hand combat. They were daring, took chances with their lives. they were tougher than most. They were lead by Captain Conan. When the war ended. they had trouble adjusting to peace. They were bored, and could not get back to a regular job, they had to do something daring exiting like robbing a bar. they were caught and Conan went to their defense saying that they could not adjust to civilian life they needed a sense of pride and adventure. when his friend took the job as prosecutor he thought that his friends was going to fry them, but he was trying to help them out so they got minimum time to jail on the other hand Conan did not see it that way. The cinematography in this film is outstanding and so is the acting. The costume were nice and authentic. I definitely enjoy this film and it has won a bunch of awards to top it all off.




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2 thoughts on “CAPTAINE CONAN (1996)

  1. Nice review, looks like a movie that would interest me.


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