A film by Céline Sciamma

Cast: Karidja Touré, Assa Sylla, Lindsay Karamoh

English Title:  Girlhood. 

Bande de filles ” is a portrait of a disillusioned generation. It takes place in the suburb of Paris where the Parents are absent and can’t stand their jobs where there is a crime around them and their kids falls into it seeing that there is no hope in this  world for young people.Throughout  the character of Marieme, we discovers the story of a good girl, who gradually becomes a woman and dreams of forbidden love. She meet a Gang of girls and start hanging out with them they will teach her the meaning of violence and how to intimated others in creating fear with a certain look in her eyes but yet she still has a tender side. The roam in the at the Halles Chatelet stealing in occasion, they cut classes and get into fight against other gang of girl that are filmed with smart phone so they can put it on the social network.

Here is a cool film that I saw today about A girl Marianne who goes to school in the suburb of Paris meet those 3 girls and suddenly everything changes for her , she became this intimidating bully at school start stealing technically she became an other girl named Vic dealing drugs for one of the main drug dealer. Her brother who is a little bit of a dick is trying to set her straight without success . Marianne fells her grade and figure out that school is not for her. These are girls that are dreaming of the bling bling and of a better life with money of course. They are girls that are strong willed and for a day in a hotel room that they rented they dream of a better life. But unfortunately  Marianne is going to find out the hard way that you need a structure loving family and graduate from High school to get a better life. Sciamma who wrote the script has done an outstanding job at it, it is raw and fresh new look at it.




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