A film by Emir Kusturica

Cast: Bajram Severdzan, Srdjan Todorovic, Branka Katic

Matko Destanov (Bajram Severdzan) has been known to operate a few shady deals in his time win some loose some well lose most of the time.  Things are not going right for him so he seek support with Grga Pitic (Sabri Sulejmani), the owner of a gravel separation plant, he also has some illegitimate deals from time to time. Matko need financing in order to be on the delivery of a contraband petrol train so he agrees to help him because his father saved his life twice, but Matko hires a notorious gangster Dadan (Srdan Todorovic) and finds himself inevitably in a big mess. Dadan swingle Matko out of the deal but has a proposition that is bothering him. He wants his sister to be married. Having married off two of his sisters, unaffectionately known as “The Vampire Bitch” and “Apewoman” he wants Matko’s son to marry his sister known as lady bird and to top it all off she is short. But his son is in love with someone else.

Okay it is a over the top comedy a la Serbian film and a cool one at that. It is a celebration of  life. it has to name a few stripteases through a field of sunflowers, an opera singer who can pull nails out of a plank of wood with her ass, rowdy weddings and grenade juggling and Dadan falling in a toilet full of shit. How that for a film so far. There are evil and good life and death, and a rousing gypsy dance to top it all off in an other word a big fiesta a  la carte. It is hilarious as hell and you will have a good time. Warning you will love it or hate it, no in between in this film. Have fun with this highly imaginative film.

Black Cat White Cat 3


It is on you tube



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