CHEF (2014)


A film by Jon Favreau

Cast:  Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson

Chef is a movie about friends, family, love and food so this is going to be a film that during and after seeing it you will salivate so bring a napkin with you. So Carnivores prepare to dig in, and yes Sophia Verga thank got I was sitting down when I was watching this film, of course let’s not forget Scarlett Johansson. This film is a succulent slices of barbecued, If you are making a film about food you better put 2 beautiful actress in it and some great food ,you see us guys we dream of one thing Sophia Verga naked with a Philly Steak in one hand and a six pack of beer on the other I am hoping that she will knock on my door. did I tell you to bring a napkin. Let’s go back to the movie shall we Here is a chef who has a big night because of a food critic coming in. He wants to change the menu but his boss won’t let him because his boss his a stubborn son of the bitch.  So after getting a bad review Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) decided to get a food truck and take it on the road.


Now You have a boss played by Dustin Hoffman who is conservative and does not to change the menu. Carl gets bash by his critics who says that carl for a little fat because he was eating the food that went back to the kitchen. Later Carl gets with his sons and sets him up with a twitter account but there is danger to that. The critics played by Oliver Platt makes a comment on the chef and the Carl responded thinking he was sending him a private message soon after that  the message was seen by 280,000. Carl invites the Ramsey Michel (Oliver Platt) back to the restaurant thinking that his boss was going to change his mind . But when  he does not and tells him either go with the menu or get out. He gets out. You see a scene with Favreau where he goes back home and cook it is a critical scene to me because here is a chef who loves his job but can’t shut off and after having a fight with his boss the only thing that is calming him down is cooking some food and to put him in perspective that he is a great chef. The thing is is goes back and make a fool out of himself by going back and yell at Ramsey that every people there was filming on the smart phone and it went on every social network. Down on his lick he can not find an other jobs. So he gets to babysits his son while his ex-wife goes to work (rarely has a former partner in a movie been this mature and supportive). Her  motive is for him to get his juices flowing again by revisiting where he got his start in the food business, a food truck business. And he does, Carl reconnects with food,his friends and his family especially his son who is in charge of helping out in the kitchen and marketing (social network). Not only that he reconnect with his ex. A terrific little film where the actors are outstanding especially Emjay Anthony who steal the show. You can take the all family to this one. Bon Appétit.




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