’71 (2014)


A film by Yann Demange

Cast: Jack O’Connell, Sam Reid, Sean Harris

Private Gary Hook (Jack O’Connell) a new  recruit from Derby who’s first tour of duty is in Belfast in 1971. Briefing the soldiers when they first arrive in Belfast they are told that the city is slit in two the Catholic and Protestant communities, and  they should never enter alone in the  Flats.  the new  Lieutenant 5he does not know whet is really going on) makes a mistake when he orders his men not to takes shields and helmets  he says “we do not want to scare the people when we get in there” . As a result of this mistake local Catholics overwhelm his men and two soldiers are separated from the unit, one of whom is Hook. One of them get shot , Hook runs for his life. Will he get out alive and rejoin his fellows soldier.

Here is an intelligent script from Gregory Burke who did playwright this is his first script on the other hand Yann Demange has directed series ,it is is first film. This is not you typical action film, it is a well thought out script. The thing is that a slit between the Original IRA and the Provisional IRA, the role of the undercover MRF (Military Reaction Force) and the loyalist paramilitaries. So Hook is trying to navigate thought it all not knowing on what side is everybody on. He is so careful who to trust and not to trust although sometimes he has no choice. It has a feel realistic to it that I like. It has feel like the movie Assault on Precinct 13 by John Carpenter Yeah It does. The music is perfect and build the tension. The film transports you back to ’71, to the burned out streets, bombings, riots. From the moment they arrived, and  before that the  Catholic school kids throwing piss bombs at them. Plus the street that are deserted most of the time to fear that you might be hurt or killed by one of the groups. A terrific action film not made in Hollywood But in Britain. A must see.

Jack O'Connell in '71



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