Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring

A film by Ki-duk Kim

Cast: Ki-duk Kim, Yeong-su Oh, Jong-ho Kim

In Korea wilderness, a Buddhist master patiently raises a young boy to grow up to be wise, compassionate with endless exercise. They live in a small floating temple in a small lake. And we watched as the seasons and years passes .

This film is a rare jewel and a great film from Korea. The Korean has experienced with film making every which way. Their story telling is grade A, I might say. This film is perfect. In the house there is a small room it is occupied by a monk (Oh Young Soo) and a boy (Seo Jae Kyung), learning to be a monk. Okay let me describe it this way the house is on a lake. The lake is surrounded by wall of forest all around. There is a double door by the lake when it swing opens  it  introduces us to the seasons and to the house on the lake the doors do not keep anyone out because you can walk around them and get in. Everyone respect the doors and go through them wait for the monk to raw his boat to shore and take them to the house. Inside the house it is the same way the young boy sleep in this room with his master, there is a door but no wall you can go around with out opening the door (it is been done in the film a couple times) but the monk and the master monk respect the door. They treat the door as it has a function. I think it teaches the young monk to follow tradition and customs. The young boy is taught what herbs will kill him and what herbs to eat. The master monk teaches him to respect the nature well the young monk does something stupid and the master monk teaches to to do it again. I am not going further with this for fear that some of you didn’t see the movie yet. It is like a vicious circle (I am talking at the end of the film). It is brilliant, intelligent story telling at its best. You can talk about it for hours. The cinematography is outstanding .This one is a must see no doubt.





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