LEBANON (2009)


A film by Samuel Maoz

Cast:Yoav Donat, Itay Tiran, Oshri Cohen

Here is a great film By Samuel Maoz from inside of a tank virtually throughout almost the entire film. First that is never done before second Genius. Everything we see is inside the tank so you will see faces, torso, heads, legs, feet but a close up of it most of the time like i said it is on the inside of a tank. You have a commander, a loader, a driver, and a gunner. What is happening out side of the world is seeing through the scope marked with crosshairs, enhanced when necessary by night-vision technology.What the men see out there is pretty terrifying. It is the first day of the war in Lebanon. Sometimes the hatch opens and you see an officer who keeps returning to  gives the order of the mission, they drop a bloodied body of a slain Israeli soldier, and later on a Syrian hostage. Youn fell like you are right there and you see the atrocity of war right in from of you. Maoz was 20 years old when he served as an Israeli tank gunner during the invasion of Lebanon in 1982. He was able to give us the fell of this horrific war with bold images. Engraved on the inside of the tank are the words: “Man is steel. The tank is only iron.” The floor of the tank is full of liquid, cigarette butt, urine, blood, and empty cans of rations. Pretty brutal image right there. You get a sense this is what the war in a tank is about. Well done by Maoz.




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