A film by Jean-Pierre Améris

Cast: Jean-Pierre Améris, Philippe Blasband, Ariana Rivoire

English title: Marie’s story. 

It is based on a true story of Marie Heurtin. Marie is not capable to communicate. She was born deaf and mute. Her father not knowing what to do with her (She always though a fit when you dry to dress her or clothe her) puts her in care  at the institute Of Larnay near Poitier France, where the take care of young deaf girls. Despite the skepticism of the Mother Superior, a young nun, Sister Margaret takes care of the “little wild animal” that is Mary and do everything to get her out of the dark.

Here is a great story that took place in 1885 in France. This is what they did at the movie theater since it was a story about a young girl who is deaf and mute they and subtitle in french for the hearing impaired people. The sing language was subtitle as well. Here is the kicker the actress who portrays Marie in the film is Ariana Rivoire who is deaf herself who is a resident of Institut National des Jeunes Sourds de Chambéry at the time that Améris hired her. She is still there now. What a beautiful performance she played and trust me it must not been easy. The case has done a spectacular job in this film also. Just think if you were born blind and deaf and some one was trying to teach you something you do not know if that person is bad or good or if he or she teaches you from right to wrong or plain single if she or he is teaching you. You are in the dark completely ir is a scary thought it took sister Margaret 4 years to teach her one thing. You see the struggle that she is going through. Overall a terrific story and great directing from Améris.



Trailer in french 

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