fuck you Gohte

A  film by Bora Dagtekin

Cast: Elyas M’Barek, Karoline Herfurth, Katja Riemann

Here is an unusual title well the german sensor are definitely loser than the US that is for sure. The French title for this one is “Un prof pas comme les autres.” nothing to do with the German tittle.The bank robber Zeki Müller is released from prison because the authorities were unable to find the loot. Normally , as his stripper girlfriend had the good idea to bury it next to a construction site. But once on the scene, Zeki realizes that the school Goethe was built just above where the money was buried. In order to get the money he has to get a job as a janitor at the school. But things are not going as he plan from the very first day.

My first German comedy pretty good so far. This bank robber gets out and finds out that the money that his stripper buried is under a school now. He comes to find out that the principal needs a teacher and she needs to see his credentials. Well do forge a teaching diploma, Zeki Müller (Elyas M’bareck) goes out with of the hot teacher puts some liquid in her tea and she goes out like a light. Goes on her computer get her diploma an makes a fake one for him. Very quickly you see Müller is motivated to get that money. But he finds out that teaching is no piece of cake. It is a funny comedy where student in that particular class gets pranks on teacher who leaves or trying to commit suicide by jumping from the first floor. He gets to discipline the calls by tough love the only way he knows. Here is a guy a bank robber who is immature has been in and out of trouble truing to teach his student respect. At first he didn’t care to teach them all he cared about his the money but little by little the students grew on him and thought he was cool on the top of that the other teacher is helping him to see the light and to do right by the kids. He comes to realized that he didn’t have a father who taught him from right or wrong he had his education on the street. Over all a cool film from Germany a comedy the cool thing about it you get to see an other culture how is school in Germany and a bit of the city. Have fun with this one.



This video is subtitle in French could Not find it in English


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