BENEATH HILL 60 (2014)

Beneath Hill 60

A film by David Roach

Cast: Brendan Cowell, Harrison Gilbertson, Steve Le Marquand 

based on the true story of Oliver Woodward (Brendan Cowell) in the 1916 during WWI. Oliver must tear away from his young love to go in the trenches in Belgium to fight the German. It’s  hell on earth. But these soldiers belong to a special unit. The tunnelers. Their job, to overthrow  the enemy from beneath. They are soon sent to one in the  Fronts line of WWI in Belgium, to an area known Hill 60 which is dominated by the Germans. There is a plan in place, but can they pull it off? It’s unbelievable It’s tense. There is constant shelling. The guns shots come from nowhere. You can understand some of them  were driven like mad man by it. The script by David Roach based on the actual diaries of Woodward who shows us that there is more at stake here than gaining mere inches of ground. There are the great work from the men who preserver in building those tunnels. On the other sides the German were doing the same thing. They were truing to guess and listen the Australian to see what they were up too and there were the constant bombing day in and out The machine guns at night. It is masterfully directed By Roach in a suspenseful manner. The cast has chemistry and are in seek with each other. This was war and the Australian wanted to blow the German underneath. It was a tough job but they had to do it in order to survive and sacrifices were made. A great film video steaming on net flux in France.


BENEATH HILL 60 (2014)


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