THE DROP (2014)

the drop

A film by Michaël R. Roskam

Cast: Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, James Gandolfini

A bartender sees and hear everything. They are also invisible to the people they serve. An armed robbery by a couple of local thugs where Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) is the bartender. They Take $5000. The Chechen mobsters who own the place launder their ill-gotten money by way of a “drop” at the bar. Bob’s discovery of a bruised pit bull puppy, dumped in the garbage where Nadia (Noomi Rapace) who is scared and fragile lives. The two begin to bond over the puppy and fins out that they mutually  have a dark past. At first Bob you think well is he intelligent, of dumb but not really what is going on with him? He is too nice to be a thug or  mob guy, it is possible that he never left the city. But there is something more that meet the eyes.  Marv (James Gandolfini his last performance before he died) is the cousin of bob also works at the bar, he is the boss. He plays is right on the money. In Place there is this guy who roams the neighborhood and wants his dog back to the point he is blackmailing Bob. But bob senses something is going on here but can’t put his finger on it. At super bowl  sunday the Chechen mobsters tell Marv they are the bar drop, which mean a lot of money will be drop at the bar. In the meantime you have this cop who knows what is going on but can’t prove it. The tension build towards the super bowl, Roskam made sure of that. It feel like they went back to the basic way back in the day in the 70’s when they made those cool films. Great performances by the cast. Roskam who just did his first feature shows the city as grippy and has a silver gray feeling to it.

the drop

the drop 2


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One thought on “THE DROP (2014)

  1. This is what happens when you give a wonderful cast enough material for them to sink their teeth into and make magic with. Good review.


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