La prochaine fois

A film by Cédric Anger

Cast: Guillaume Canet, Ana Girardot, Jean-Yves Berteloot

Translation of the tittle: The next time I will aim at the heart. 

For several months between 1978 and 1979, the inhabitants of l’Oise find themselves immersed in fear and terror: a raging psychopath targets young women. He kills Hitchhikers first with by running them over with his car and then shoots them. The man is everywhere and nowhere, escaping the pitfalls of investigators and the road blocks. He is actually a shy young policeman who leads an ordinary life, he is passionate about his work and he is a model policeman and investigate his own crime until one day he makes a mistake.

This film is based on a true story that took place in L’oise in 1978-1979. Let me explain something first La Gendarmerie is like the Sheriff Department in the US and yes they are cops. I was i France then I came back and I heard this story on the news, then I left any forgot to follow-up on it he got caught. The thing is his name is Alain Lamare The mane that  Anger took for the film is Frank. Having said let’s talk about this film now the critics some did like it some didn’t. I did. You see it is not often that a cop turns killer Alain was sick he was suffering from of  héboïdophrénie1, a form of schizophrenia. To this day he is in a mental institution. The judge said that he was not responsible for his act. Guillaume Canet gets in the skin of Frank and goes an outstanding job. The thing is Frank has a form of schizophrenia but was an ordinary man a nice man. He was cocky writing letter to the cops saying that he will kill again this time I will aim at the heart. In order to feel sexually aroused he had to kill them. Yea! scary. And back then people was watching the news and still there were young women hitchhiking anyway. You will see why he is a touch with nature, meditate, and even gets in a bath tub full of ice. He was ready for anything but he  had a form of schizophrenia he made mistakes thank god for that that’s how  he got caught. Anger captures the essence of a killer by filming it feeling like a blue silver feel to it in his cinematography. The cast is perfect especially Ana Girardot who is terrific in this film. A terrific thriller that should be watch while drinking wine. Funny thing this post will be posted on the 22 I remember an old expression “22 voila les flics”.  22 here comes the cop it is a French expression like I said.



This video is in French only.

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