A film by Édouard Molinaro

Cast: Lino Ventura, Jacques Brel, Caroline Cellier

English: The troublemaker

Raf Milan (Lino Ventura) a hit man is at a hotel to do a job at Montpellier week to kill a witness. He check at the hotel. Next door to him is a man who is neurotic and suicidal because his wife left him for a shrink.

Here is a cool film with one on my favorite actor Lino Ventura. The thing is the story has been rewritten as What about bob?  (1991) the American film by Frank Oz. You see In what about Bob a shrink is followed by his neurotic patient who fear everything he cannot go out of his apartment because he is afraid. There In L’emmerdeur here is a hit man xho has to do his job but the dude next door wants to die so he hangs himself and not very good at it because trouble for Raf because the dude is now following raf every where. Nothing wrong with that it works. Now back to the film you have raf the hit man who François Pignon played by Jacques Brel is getting on everyone’s neves especially the one from Raf who is trying to do his job. When Pignon tries suicide and fails miserably because he tried to hang himself on the pipe of the water heater and it broke a series of misadventure is going to follows that will drive Raf crazy. It has become a classic. It is written by Francis Weber who has written many classic comedy like Le grand blond (I have to see that one again) La cage aux follies, La chèvre,…. He also became a director. This is a terrific comedy I got in on DVD and it comes with english subtitle so I have noticed I don’t need them anyway. Have fun with this one. It has been remade in 2008 with little success don’t bother with the remake, stick with the original.



In French only. 

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