A Film by Matthieu Delaporte

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Marie-Josée Croze, Éric Caravaca

English An illustrious unknown. 

Matthieu Kassovitz in the lead role of this Dark Thriller raises a number of questions about identity and isolation in a tense, dark well written film. Here is the story of Sebastien Nicholas (Mathieu Kassovitz) Is a quiet man a loner who has one passion in life to imitate everyone he meets in the full sense of the word. He studies them repeat and rehearse how they moves, talk , walks etc… going as far as to break into their homes and assuming their identity when they are away. It is a Harmless bobby until he meets Henri de Montalte, (Kassovitz in a dual role) a famous musician, with whom he is both fascinated and repulsed by him. He finds out that Henry has an ex-lover and a kid and soon he has fantasy where he is not going to give up. A terrific but frighting film by Delaporte which revolves with great rapid dialogue great timing and attention to details. He recreated Sebastien’s house who is sterile clean. Sebastien is meticulous and pays attention to details he wants to be the man that he is imitating. He is a dark, loner schizophrenic. Sebastien wants to escape his boring life by becoming someone else. And yes there is a twist in this film. Great film a must see.


Un illustre inconnu 8

Video In French only.


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