kill the messenger

A film by Michael Cuesta

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Robert Patrick, Jena Sims

Gary Webb, a journalist at The San Jose Mercury News gets a lead that the CIA Is dealing drugs to fund a war to fight against the Nicaraguan Sandinista Government  to provide for guns, and military artilleries. Gary Webb, did not hesitate to expose the CIA for its involvement in drug smuggling back in the 1990’s, and he ended up paying the ultimate price for telling the truth. I remember the story all the news paper after it broke out, the media a TV reporter was reporting this monster because  it is a monster of a story it was all over the place. It died out by the time President Clinton was found out with his affair with Monica. My friends and i we were talking about that and it did not surprise us. Somehow there is quiet a few movies that comes put about a true story. The San Jose Mercury News, a newspaper not known for doing international stories until Gary came along.  When Gary broke the story the roof cave in and he was praised for his work.

It is no surprise that the CIA lunch a campaign against Gary which includes threats to his life. It came to  a surprise to me and some of you who has seems the movie  that the rival newspapers was attacking him as he was investigating the story. Because they didn’t discover the story themselves I detect a little jalousie there. The US government attack his credibility full force and so are the rival newspapers. Gary had a series on the internet called Dark Alliances. First his newspaper was backing him and when it was too much they sided with the movement and other newspaper beginning to doubt him and telling him if he had proof. Playing Gary Webb in “Kill the Messenger” is Jeremy Renner, and what a performance he has done. Nice job by director Cuesta in telling the story. It is scary that if you are a journalist and writing  the truth that there is a price to pay with my life, and yes unfortunately Gary paid it with his life.

kill the messenger



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