the search

A film Michel Hazanavicius

Cast: Bérénice Bejo, Annette Bening, Maksim Emelyanov

The film opens with a voice saying”Welcome to a big, shitty country: Chechnya.” The screen of an amateur video camera displays the date of 16/10/99, and the voice of a Russian soldier comments live on the atrocities committed  the Great Russia  against villagers ironically classed as terrorists (and treated like dog) before they are coldly executed. From his window, Hadji (Abdul Khalim Mamatsuevi), a nine years old boy witnesses the murder of his parents. He holds in his arms his younger brother, a baby. Escaping from the soldiers and hidden from the army tank, he finds a house where they are still people living inside so he lives his brother on the chair outside rings the door bell then runs to hide to make sure that the people took his brother. This is his journey truing to get out of the country and find a place where he can find peace not knowing if his sister is still alive of course he thinks she is dead.

Terrific film from Michel Hazanavicius who directs his wife Bérénice Bejo who does a great job here. Bérénice plays a woman who gather testimonies for the European Union Human Rights Committee. Helen (Annette Benning) Plays the leader of the red cross and cross path with the boy. The orphan Hadji fears the soldier he does not trust them. For a kid who is 9 years old and seems so much devastation from the war and killing you can pretty much feels what he fells. And this young actor has just done a wonderful job at it.  We also plunge into the side of the Russian army with Kolia’s (Maxim Emelianov) initiation into the war, a character forcibly enlisted in order to avoid prison for possession of cannabis and who will brutally learn what it is to be a soldier in Russia. Grippy dark gray feel trough the film you feel that you are there. The search tells the story of war in multiple perspectives, the soldier, innocent child, civilian, Red Cross leader, and a sister looking for her brother.




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