LA FRENCH (2014)

La french

A film by Cédric Jimenez

Cast: Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Céline Sallette

English title: The Connection. 

In 1971 William Friedkin released his Oscar-winning film The French connection. The film told the story of the French Connection drug ring which has smuggles heroin in New York from France.. In the connection (La French) by director Cédric Jimenez, the story is taken across the globe to Marseilles, France, where the drug ring was based. Jean Dujardin plays a magistrate Peirre Michel who is transfer to Marseille to be in charge of the case La French . On the other side of the track is Gaetan Zampa (Gilles Lelouche) who plays the king pin of Marseille. It is 1975 and things are good in the drug trade at that time until the new Magistrate Pierre Michel came to Marseille.

Great story and awesome film. Never a dull moment. Jimenez shot the film in 35mm to get the authentic look and feel of the 70’s film, and it works. Now I remember hear the story back in 1975 it made the news Jimenez uses real news footage from the 70’s at the beginning of the story. In the early 70’s there until Early 80’s 40 tons of heroin was delivered to the US from France. The story start In the middle where Pierre Michel took over the case. When he took over the case things didn’t go too well for Zampa who was getting pissed off. The thing is that Pierre was so obsessed with the case that he neglected his family life. Pierre was persistent and would never let go. The cinematography is beautiful,and retro. The costumes and accessories were perfect even the design of the set inside disco club. Pierre is the hero of the story well incarnated as humanly possible with his everyday life and life at work. The decline Of Zampa was taking effect even the people around him started to get scared of being taken by the police and thrown in jail. They were very organized and became very disorganized to me later on as the years went by because of Pierre. You know what is going to happen at the end the director build the tension with music that is perfectly integrated for the film. Pierre drives my favorite car of all time the DS Citroen.  Yes we still know how to make a good thriller in France Thank god.


la french

Video in French only. This film is not yet in the US. 


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