A film by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar

Cast: Ariane Ascaride, Ahmed Dramé, Noémie Merlant

It’s back to school for Leon Blum high school. Anne Gueguen, history teacher who is passionate about it, is also head teacher of a second class with difficult student . At the end of the first quarter, she offers its students to participate in the national competition of the Resistance and Deportation . And there history is being made. 

This one is based on a true story also and it is a great film. Anne Gueguen (Ariane Ascaride) goes to the extreme is to get a class where the student are extremely difficult and need discipline. When she get control of them she invites them to do a concours national (A National competition) about children and adolescents in the Nazi concentration camp system. You see in France let me just say that so you understand in high school there is such competition if you want to enter it the school does  not have to enter I think unless they change that and I didn’t know about it, that is on the side after school that they have to do this project. In France the education system is a lot higher than the one in the US. Some of my American friends has friends that went to school in France and graduate from high school actually I knew of one who lived in Paris until she graduated from high school and they all agree with me it was a lot harder in France than in the US. Back to the film the student were not crazy about it what so ever they thought they were going to fail even the principal of the school told the teacher to give this the senior not to the sophomore the class were those student were difficult to discipline. She didn’t listen. At first the director takes us on a journey were the student does not care too much about this make jokes and working against each other instead of with each other.

Les héritiers (2014)


Sorry couldn’t find the trailer in English


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