A film by Dalton Trumbo

Cast: Timothy Bottoms, Kathy Fields, Marsha Hunt

Joe Bonham (Timothy Bottoms) works at the bakery lives with his mother and support his mother and sisters after his father’s death has a girlfriend a sweet Irish girl things life is good. Then he enlists in the army because “it’s the sort of thing a fellow ought to do, when his country is in trouble. One day he works at the bakery, the next month he is in no man land and a shell land and explode near him, he wakes up at the hospital.The army is convinced he has no conscious mind. They decide to keep him alive simply to learn from him.

Awesome film by Trumbo. Do not miss this one. Trumbo uses flashbacks and fantasies to make Joe alive for us. The horror of the war was shot in black and white and the flashback was in color. The war was the dark side of thing and the flashback and fantasies was the joyful side of it. The love scene was unbelievable it has been done with tenderness and beauty, well shot at might have. There are scenes with his father (Jason Robards, I love that actor) and Jesus Chris (Donald Sutherland dam he was so young back then) whom he consults in fantasies. That’s all I am going to say about this film just in case you didn’t see it. The thing is back then when the soldier got back from war and were wounded some were than others it is not a pretty thing they have to adjust to the everyday life and it is not easy. I remember a dude who went to Vietnam, he step on a mine and he blew his face off almost he got disfigured. He seems to do fine back in the civilian life even got married to nice looking woman at that. I hope it worked out for him.




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