Men women and children

A film by Jason Reitman

Cast: Kaitlyn Dever, Rosemarie DeWitt, Ansel Elgort

Men, women, and child reminds us that seriously we are wasting too much time on the internet and we stay connected that way instead to stay connected in are relationship with our kids and spouses on the head to head basis. Here is an perfect example you have 2 couples who played by Adam Sandler and Rosemarie DeWitt who are bored with each other and seek ways of spicing things up on the internet by finding other mate Gee why am I not surprised. I know some couples that did just that instead of talking to each other. Their eldest son gets close to a cheerleader, whose mother Judy Greer has been helping her acting and modeling career with a website that is suspicious and he can get exited to have sex with her because he has seen too much porn on the internet the only way for him to get exited is that he acts out. Jennifer Garner the internet hater of the year is trying to protect her daughter by putting a spyware on her computer to know her every move and key stroke. While her daughter is dating the football star who dos not want to play football anymore. This is the few stories of Jason Reitman latest film.

It is a look at the internet and how it can be dangerous to teenager who learn sex on porn site who post racy picture on the internet and say stupid stuff. It shows that people are attached to their phones, tablet, and computer. I can go on the subway and you see a bunch of people with their smart phones looking and typing while they walk and they are doing it for hours. For a hot looking woman it is a way of ignore you. She won’t even look up nor bleak if you are trying to talk to her her head will be in her smart phone. unfortunately the movie looses its magic 30 minutes into it. It is not bad film but it could been better. The thing is that when the movie is over the people in the movie theater will turn back on their cell phone and tweet about this film.


Still from Men, Women & Children


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