A film by Peter Jackson

Cast: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage

Finally reaching the Lonely Mountain, Thorin and the dwarves, helped by Bilbo the Hobbit, managed to reclaim their kingdom and their treasure. But they also awakened the dragon Smaug which now unleashes his wrath on the people of Lake City. Now, Dwarves, Elves, Humans, but also Wrags and orcs led by the Necromancer, covet the wealth of the Lonely Mountain. The Battle of Five Armies is imminent and Bilbo is the only one able to unite his friends against the dark powers of Sauron.

The final film of the series that took 10 years to make. We take off were we left off. The thing is I loved it but man the amount of money on this one must been huge as hell. First you have to train the actors for the fight scene, the set are done in the studio, and the special effect it does take time to do them, I am telling you that is a lot of work. The beginning of the film with the destruction of the city on fire by the dragon that is a few millions dollars there and it looks good. Cinematically, it  is breathtaking.  It looked gothic and that’s normal. The army combatting was convincing and bloody but no as bloody as I thought it was going to be, although those kind of fighting as been done before. Thorin develops as a character, you get what he is all about. It has some funny moments in it. It is entertaining and never a dull moment. Definitely a great ending thank god for that. Let me tell you there is an amount of detail from the beginning of the film to the end, the special effect are outstanding, they went all out on it. The loose ends are tied up and the last scene of the movie finishes exactly where The Lord of the Rings begins. That’s what I said great ending.





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