Rise of the Footsoldier

A film by Julian Gilbey

Cast: Ricci Harnett, Terry Stone, Craig Fairbrass

Ricci Hartnett narrates our film and plays the role of its central character Carlton Leach. The film begins at the morgue where you see 3 dead men shot with a shotgun. Carton informs us how it came to this. It first started Leach tells us about his life as an East Side Soccer thug and how he his crew spent the majority of their time in the mid 1970’s cracking heads and being overall bad citizens. well let me explain a little they go to soccer games and if the guys are not cheering for their team they would beat them up, so people start forming group like the group the ‘Inner City Firm (ICF)’ where he and his boys were a street gang for hire busting heads. Leach took an axe in the head by an other soccer group go thugs in the subway. Soccer back then even now is a serious things but in England as welling Europe back then it was a little too dangerous. Leach got noticed and gets a job at the club by some well known thug. Leach could control the crowd very well by busting heads. Things escalated to drugs women, money and more busting head. Leach comes to find out that the life of a thug is not what is cracked up to be. He was into raves and discover the drug ecstasy and began to deal it to his dealer than got into heroin and all sort of activities. he was the most feared thug back then.

The director Gilbey and his writers did research going back the last 20 years of Leach’s life and out it in close to 1 hour and 40 minutes.. There are riots, tortures, two marriages, three children, executions, rave parties, steroid use, roid rage, more tortures, suicide, gangland slayings, conspiracy theories, more rave parties, ecstasy use and heroin use Plus bullets flying and blood splatter allover the place enough to keep Dexter happy for a few years, Yeah I know I shout I put that out there. Looks like a movie à la Quentin Tarantino. Gilbey never looses focus and stay there in the heart of the story. It is a wild ride and you will go I am glad I am not a thug period. Leach had a lot of anger issue that he put to work in order to make money like I said he was the most feared thug in England back then. Theaters in this piece delivers  great performances. If you like gangster film check out this one.

Rise of the Footsoldier 2



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