A film by Emir Kusturica

Cast: Johnny Depp, Jerry Lewis, Faye Dunaway

Johnny Depp (Axel) plays a fish-counter who works in New York harbor: “Most people think I count fish, but I don’t. I listen to their dreams.” He is wanted west by an uncle (Jerry Lewis) as (Leo Sweetie) who has  a Cadillac dealership near Tucson and wants his nephew to take over the family business. Axel arrives , uninterested in cars, fascinated by the dreams of fish, to find his uncle preparing to wed a young girl (Candyce Mason). “He’s trying to teach me to stop crying,” she helpfully explains to Depp, during a fitting for a wedding gown. Yeah! so far some of the dialogue does not make sense at all. Axel does not like is uncle, a car sales man reminds him of cheap cologne and smelly cars he decided to give it a go and tries to become a car salesman. When A beautiful blonde (Elaine) and her daughter comes in to buy a car. Axel finds himself at the ranch falling in love with Elaine who as a passion home-made airplane. what happens next is that you will see ambulances, turtles running around on the dinner table, tree on fire, thunderstorm, birthday party,  suicide and some gun shots. There is a talent show where someone does an imitation of Gary Grant in North by Northwest and it is funny as hell when he is in the field and the airplane is coming toward him. Emir Kusturica has his own strange vision I think Davis Leach has influenced many directors even Kusturica. Warner Brother was reluctant to release the film so it did not get too much publicity I didn’t know this film existed until now I found steaming on Netflix and it is a jewel.

Arizona Dream 5


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