A film by Damián Szifrón

Cast: Liliana Ackerman, Luis Manuel Altamirano García, Alejandro Angelini

The protagonists of six stories are people who will loose their temper things start to get out of hand leading to uncontrollable catastrophe. Keep in mind that those stories are not connected. Though each short stories has a simple situation that could happen to everyone in everyday life. The situation creates a chain reaction that get worst and worst until it reaches its limits. It is told with great dark and morbid humor.

Okay here the thing in France the film is going to be open in January 14 2015. I went to a premier of it Yesterday and the 200 seats were full. I could reserved a seat with my UGC unlimited card that I have, and trust me those seat fill up fast. Wild tales has gotten of lot of attention in Cannes and other film festival. A dude came up before the film starts said that the director Damián Szifrón would come in so we can ask question about the film. I said to myself it does not get better then that. This script is well written and sharp and funny dialogue. Director of Photography Javier Julia uses a unconventional camera angle. Like for example the scene with the 2 dudes are fighting in the car. The music is upbeat and perfect in this film it does not get better that that. This is a refreshing ideas that work well as told in a dark humor kind of way. It is a non-traditional film done well, Whenit comes on DVD it is going to be in my collection. Now Szifrón said that he wrote 14 stories and he choosed those 6, some one ask him if the other one are going to surface in his other film, he replied that could be a possibility. He also meet Ricardo Darin who is a star in Argentina, a great actor, director, and writer , he is also a film buffs he watches tins of films. He was a joy to work with him. He does not have this big ego that most star has. They wanted to work together so they decided to work on this project. He also said that this is the biggest hit film in Argentina ever in all the history of cinema. he is 39 years old has done 3 films so far and now studios from Argentina as well as America are giving scrip tp pick and choose. He has been traveling all over the country to promote the film. Well I am telling you this do not miss this one.

wild tales

wils tale 2


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