blue steel 1989

A film by Kathryn Bigelow

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Silver, Clancy Brown

The movie opens Megan Turner (Jaimie Lee Curtis) shoot and kill a stick up man on her first day of the job (what luck there). As the man drops dead on the floor the gun drops on the floor spins and gets picked up by Eugene Hunt (Ron Silver) who in turn puts it in his pocket. Yeah! you guess it he is a trouble dude a little eccentric and he hit the floor before the shouting started. Turner gets in trouble with her boss well they did not find the gun gee I wonder why? Well her work life goes down the tube but her dating life picks up and yes you should get that one Eugene the dude with the cool name yeah right meets her by accident not really but she thinks it is by accident. She really likes the guy as no idea that he was there during the shooting at the supermarket and that he is a little a little weird, not even when dead people begin turning up around New York with her name engraved on the bullets they were shot with.

This film is a little like fatal attrition combine with wall street and it works fine here. The thing is that no one believe the events told by Turner not one cop nor that they believe who is the killer the guy next door. What does Eugene wants there are a really good twist there. he is intelligent enough to set up situations so that Curtis is seen in the worst possible way (that is all I am going to say there). Silver does a great job of playing this demented guy. Also Turner fights him with her intelligence, her police training, and her physical strength. Cutis does a great acting job in developing her character and Bigelow does a nice job directing. You see maybe hollywood did not want a female director direct a man’s film. First what is a man’s film and why can a female direct a thriller, war, action film. Well Bigelow prove them wrong what a great director she has become. after all she won an oscar. In my country they are more female director than any other country. Well some of you will love this film some of you might not.



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