A film by Eric Lartigeau
Cast : Karin Viard, François Damiens, Eric Elmosnino

Imagine you are born with this beautiful singing voice and you are born in a deaf family who depend on you to run the family business , raising cows and making cheese. Well that is happening to this girl who is the only one who can talk and helps her parents to communicate with the outside world. And yes it is a comedy of 2014 beside Qu’est qu’on as fait on bon dieu. It all started when Paula who has a crush on this student join the school choir. During choir practice her teacher Mr. Thomasson discover that she has a beautiful singing voice and encourages her to go a study singing in Paris. But the thing is for Paula is that she has a responsibility to her parents. There is nothing subtle about this comedy. Where Paula goes to the gynecologist and tells her parents in sign language that they have to abstain sex for 3 weeks, their response no way Jose. The mother who finds out that Paula becomes a woman and takes the bloody pants to show all the family number even her boyfriend like she has won the lottery. Putting that aside it is a portrayal of a deaf family who is going to lose their daughter the only connection to the outside world to becoming possibly a singing star. There is a fine line between doing jokes at a handicap family and Lartigeau is doing a fine job at walking on the line. It is the feel good movie also will grab you by the throat with the scene where she sings in a front of a panel of jury for the trial for the contest in Paris. It is a beautiful scene. Overall do not miss this one I had a good time with it. The actor who plays the son is really deaf, all the others actors had to learn sign language.

belier 2


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