RED ROAD (2006)


A film by Andrea Arnold

Cast: Kate Dickie, Tony Curran, Martin Compston

Jackie (Andrea Arnold) works as a CCTV operator. Everyday she watches monitors of Glasgow’s Red Road estate as we call it the ghetto  and reports crime that is going to happen or happening. One day she recognize one of the man on her monitor, she thought she would never see this man an ex-con in her life ever. Now she is compelled to see if it is really him, and if it is what is she going to do?

Here is a voyeuristic look at a camera operator who watches every moves that citizen are making. It is grippy look into a world of that Glasgow’s ghetto. Especially you see that the young people buying alcohol and goes to party all night. Jackie follows the ex-con see if it is really him and finds out where he lives. she decided to confront him. He lives in the tower block of Red City it a hopeless city where drugs and alcohol rules, it is raw, gray, and dangerous at night. Clyde (Tony Curran) has a come on like a teenager that can be uncomfortable. There sex scene that can be over powering and awkward at times. The delinquent that roam the streets with the police that is trying  to do their job in this big mess of a city. As Jackie who has little dialogue is trying to find out more about this guy, you are trying to wonder why does she wants to confront him and put her life in danger? she is becoming obsessed with this man. The tension you can feel it toward the film. The lighting of this film feels real and is very well done. Red Road deliver us a world of poverty as well as criminal and delinquent. Jackie is confronted with difficult choice and sometimes dramatic one at that.I do not want to reveal too much of the film just in case you din’t see it . Great film there do not miss this one.

Red road



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