RED STATE (2011)

red state

A film by Kevin Smith

Cast: Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, John Goodman

Three horny teenage boys answer an online ad for a prostitute who promises a four-way at a discounted price. Dam man a discount price where are those prostitute? They meet the woman at her trailer. Blinded by a raging hormones the 3 teenagers fail to see that it is a trap yeah! a hooker with a discount price right!  However, after drinking a few beers with her, they pass out. When they come to, they find themselves in the middle of the Five Points Church lock up in a cage ready to be dealt by a certain Abin Cooper and his followers. Surprise! surprise!

Here is a film that came with a lot of flock from religious people trying to banned the film, but I am not going to go there, however I am going to talk about this great film. First great performance from Michael Parks seriously a terrific actor there with some great line with a great speech. There is some heavy issues there second amendments, homophobia, the questioning of authority, religious extremism and general morality. But when the ATF turn out the film makes a huge turn. You what is going to go down we have seen it in the news like the one in Waco. It does not end well and that is the horror to it. When it came out it was label a horror film it is in the way but you won’t be jumping off your seats that’s for sure. Kevin does not miss a beat the film looks grippy kind a shades of gray witch work there beautifully well. Goodman gives the other great performance of the film as the ATF agent, we see him toward the end of the film where chaos is going to struck. Melissa Leo as well as Kevin Pollack has done a terrific performances here. When you watched the film pay attention to dialogue it is well written by Kevin Smith in an interview with Ebert Kevin said one time I am a great writer but an okay director. No I think he is a great director to me anyway. Over all a cool film that most people might have missed.




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