A film by J.C. Chandor

Cast: Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, David Oyelowo 

This is the big day for Abel Morales ( Oscar Issac), owner of a fuel convoy business. He gets a leg up near the river of the Brooklyn docks and   carry  two suitcases of money for Josef ( Jerry Adler) , the owner of the dock Abel covets for 5 years. The sales agreement is signed with the 40% deposit Abel himself financed. The rest will be loan by bank  after the 30-day contract. The problem is that many things will happen during those 30 days, including robberies of  truck from his company, that might jeopardize his business .

Abel is a man of principles he is Latino and got there with nothing to get from where he is now. He comes from a modest family. After he makes the deal things started to get rough. It is the beginning of the 80’s and in New York things were corrupted. And now his trucks are getting rob but not with gun, with baseball bats and such they get the dude out of the truck beat him up and take off with the truck. But the truckers want protection some of them arm themselves with guns. the things is the district attorney is after Abel because he thinks he is a gangster which back in those days it was running by gangsters. But Abel isn’t one he is a respectable business man has he proclaim. it is a suspenseful film. And later in the movie you will know why the district Attorney is after him. Abel doe want to handle his problem on his own not with the help of his father in law which could aggravate the situation. The performance of Issac is outstanding it is very effective as well as the work of the director Chandor who wrote a masterpiece.Jessica Chastain is cold as ice plays the right arm of Abel, she has done an outstanding performance as well. In the late 70’s it was Miami who was the most dangerous town in the U.S. but in the 80’s was New York. Too much corruption across the city. Well film by Chandor it has that 80’s fell toward it. His next film is the 2010 BP oil spill. Can’t wait.

A-Most-Violent-Year-movie (1)



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