red lights

A film by Cédric Kahn

Cast: Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Carole Bouquet, Vincent Deniard

English Title: Red light

Antoine (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) and Hélène (Carole Bouquet) are driving from Paris to Bordeaux to pick up their children from summer camp. It is the holiday and traffic is fierce I ought to know I live in France and when it is vacation time the road is a parking lot. The thing is that Antoine meet his wife before leaving Paris in a bistro where he had 3 beers already. He gets upstairs take a shower and tells his wife he is going to the gas station get a fill up but instead he gets a whiskey a double. when they are on the road Antoine gets off the highway to get to the departmental, let me explain it is like in you country you have a highway that was built by the route 66 so no one takes the route 66 anymore there is less traffic there. it is the same way here the departmental is a free road and you will take a little longer to get there, in France every highway is a paid highway you have to pay when you get on the highway if you take the departmental there is nothing to pay. Having said that let’s get back to the story. Antoine takes the departmental and get aggravated because the traffic is not flowing fast enough, so he stops and tells his wife he is going to take a piss, yes you guessed it he takes a double whiskey and a piss. by the second stop he gets out and goes to the bar, his wife threatens to leave and take the train. when Antoine gets back from his double whiskey he found his wife gone. he goes to the train station but unfortunately the train is gone. He sees a bar and gets a double whiskey. He talks to a guy there but the dude does not respond. Prior to that Antoine heard on the radio that a man escape from jail and the police is looking for him. When he is ready to go back to the car and leave a dude say to him”can I get a ride ” Antoine says “That ‘ll work” at that moment his life as well as his wife’s life will change forever.

Great film by Cédric Kahn with a twist in it. Red light means you must stop ignore it and you will be in great danger Red lights mean you must stop. Ignore them and you’re in grave danger. There are plenty of red lights, both real and symbolic, in this adaptation of a Georges Simenon novel, and while it’s a thriller it is not a love story but like a road movie/love story with a twist. when Antoine waits for his wife in a bistro in Paris and she is late he gets a little tick off. She is a high-powered lawyer who works 15 hours a day. Since that he gets moody and it escalate during the road trip. He is an alcoholic he is trying to control it but when he gets pissed off he drinks.  Darroussin is in every scene and gives a wonderfully understated performance. He is in every scene.  See after all it is dangerous to be married after all so of speak. Kahn leaves us wondering in this film but i am not going to tell you any more you will have to see this film.


Feux rouges (2004)


Yes there is subtitle in this one. 



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