A film by Jim Mickle

Cast: Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, Don Johnson

Richard Dane (Michael C. Hall)  accidentally in self defense shot a burglar who was in his home trying to rob it. He feels bad about it. Richard becomes a changed man, the local are looking up to him now and his ego goes up a little. It takes a turn when he learn that the man he shot has a father named Ben a career criminal and he is getting out of jail the next day. It isn’t long before Ben is roaming around every corner making none-too-subtle threats of revenge, to get Richard’s son. Well the police isn’t convinced that Ben had made thread to Richard’s family, so they blow him off. But when Richard comes home one day he founds out that is home has been broken into. His wife gets the police and the police gives him protection. They set a perimeter around the house to get Ben. From there on the story gets into a wide turn and Richard Dane is going to be a changed man forever.

You might miss that one at the theater this winter but this a jewel of a thriller here. its starts off with a burglar burglarizing a home and takes a different turn like a small-town conspiracy. and that twist come with a edgy comic edge as in Houston private eye Jim Bob Luke (Don Johnson). It feels like History of violence thriller. It has a gritty silver feel to it and moves slowly to build up the tension. It is a film of suspense with great tension like I said but it is bloody as well. There emotions and paranoia that runs through the characters big time.  Terrific performance with all the actors a perfect casting. Michael Hall has this funky mustache and this late 80’s hair cut called the mullet that most man had back then. I do not want to see those days again thank you very much. Do not miss this one.




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One thought on “COLD IN JULY (2014)

  1. There were things I really liked about this film. It has some fine performances and the soundtrack was outstanding. It did become a lot more of a genre film, than I expected. Kind of like a Grindhouse feel. Great review.


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