Black Christmas (1974)

A film by Bob clark

Cast: Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder

A strange caller call a sorority sisters during Christmas break. He frightens them by call over and over which later on starts killing them.



Here is what has started it all in the slasher film is this film called Black ChristmasSome of film maker said that Bob is pure Genius. It was Bob first film, he was a canadiens film maker and his first movie was this one. Bob did well here his sisters sorority house was not in the summer with girls in bikini instead he did it in the winter because it was never done that way before. Neither about the killer. I am not going to give this one up just in case you didn’t see this film. John Saxon which I love is in this film, Bob who hired this other actor at time had gotten an illness so he made a judgment call and got john to do the film. There is no stereotype in this slasher film: Jess (Olivia Hussey) who is having trouble because she wants to have an abortion. Her boyfriend Peter (Keir Duella) eventually disagrees even wants to marry her. Then there is the odd ball type the cigarette drunk woman (foul-mouthed) Margot Kidder who has some great comic line. The older lady who takes care of the girls  who has a drinking problem and hide bootle of whiskey everywhere in the house. The dude who call and does thes weird kind of voice on the phone was also a first in a slasher movie, you see it has been copied many time over and over. Everything has been done in the horror film genre so it is hard to surprise the audience anymore. Here is the funny thing Bob meet John Carpenter and john says to him would you a sequel and what would it be. So Bob answered the killer would get caught and go to jail then escape and go into a house to start killing again, I would call it Halloween. Later John got inspired by that and made Halloween.  How funny is that. Do not see the remake I haven’t but I hears it sucks, that is why I hate remake they suck with the exception of 3:10 to yuma. See the original actually it is a must see. The script was written because a bunch of murder happen during the holiday season in Montreal. The studio did not want to touch it so Bob made a few changes. The music, and the sound in this film are unique and  has been copied many times in other slasher film. The house that the film was made in is actually still standing in Toronto A must see.









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