A film by Angelina Jolie

cast: Jack O’Connell, Takamasa Ishihara, Domhnall Gleeson

It is the autobiographical story a man from L.A. California who became a high school legend even went in the olympics representing the U.S. in Berlin, and survived the war as a Pow living in brutal condition.

Unbroken is the story of world war II survival, of redemption and resilience. Here is a guy who goes to the olympics for the US and soon after that the  is drafted to go to war against japan. The thing is some stuff has been left out of the film or some other stuff were putting in. The first thing is when he is under the bleachers looking up women’s dress, well he was not he was so embarrassed that he was running so fast and winning that he hid under the bleachers, his coach used to get him out of there. When he was rescued by the Japanese they were clean fed ,clothed then interrogated and throw in the barracks. There were more torture that Jolie was showing in the film. Yes the guard Mutsuhiro Watanabe was torturing a lot more prisoners , he was extremely sadistic. Now the rest was fine yes the guard Watanabe single him out all the tim because he was an Olympic athletic. Zamperini was trying to hide out in the crowed but the guard always find him. Watanabe wanted to break him and did not succeed. There are times Zamperini wanted to kill him that was left out of the film is a matter of fact he and a bunch of prisoners had a plan to kill him, but was not carried out. I think there were too much to say in the film that it had to be cut out or told rapidly like the flashback were Zamperini young brother saw that his brother was smoking and driking at a young age that he was distant to be a nobody that is going to go to jail someday. So his bother taught him running something that he became good at. So you know where he came from. The film is about survival, and forgiveness. The Japanese did not comply t the rules of the geneva convention. You have to be careful of what you say, when they crashed in the water and they were floating in the water Max said “oh! my god we are going to die here” Zamperini replied “no we’re not ” when the soldier said it againvZamperini told him to shut up, and later in the movie Max died. Zamperini somehow knew that he was going to make it but what he didn’t count on was to be rescued by Japanese.





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