A film by Don Siegel

Cast: Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter, Larry Gates

In a small town of Santa Mira, A skeptical local shrink Dr Binnell (McCarthy) gradually becomes concerned by increasing visits from townsfolk complaining of their community where people are not themselves, they are aliens duplicates. And a sense of paranoia is spreading  around town like will fire.

Okay I saw that film at least 30 years ago and i though great film move it. It became the cult film of (1956). Now that I am back in Paris like I said before they are playing on the big screen Invasion of the body snatchers at a movie theater near where I leave. I always lived by a movie theater. Even when I lived in the states I was living by a movie theater and a drive in. Got to feed the addiction. Anyway this was a low-budget film by Don Siegel, $300,000 to be exact, and also back then a big budget film was at $2 million now days a big budget film is about $100 million and at least $30 for an independent film, inflation I’ll tell you. This  science fiction one was his master piece. Trust me when I say that forget the remake They sucks. The 1978 one then Invasion actually was not bad at all,  (2007), Invasion the series (2005-2006) and The faculty (1998) there I think I have them all. This is a pot boiler of seed pods making obedient vegetables of the whole human race and it still is a great film today. You see it is the aliens once came down and decided to take over are bodies and replicate it to were the replica has no emotion at all. So the people after the paranoia sets in decide what to do about it well what is left of them. Great cast on this one. Kevin McCarthy who has made mostly TV and movies like a at least 205 appearances in TV and movie talking about being busy. I also love Dana Wynter in this remember one thing all those actor weren’t known. To top it all off this film did not come in France until 1967 due to the fact that they weren’t interested in it at all at the time and that the actors like I said weren’t known. Don Siegel shot it in 2 weeks time and it has that feel of a film noir/Sci-fi movie. Ranked #9 on the American Film Institute’s list of the 10 greatest films in the genre “Sci-Fi” in June 2008. You must see this one.





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