The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971)









A film Dario Argento

Cast: James Franciscus, Karl Malden, Catherine Spaak

The security guard of an institute specializing in genetic research is murdered. The reporter Carlo Giordani (James Franciscus), assisted by a blind man leads the investigation and discover that researchers at the institute top-secret working on something which  would find themselves in people prone to violence and crime.  A series of murders begins then and aims to prevent the progression of the investigation.

I bought that one for a little as $6. What a great film it is. Karl Malden plays Franco Arnòa a blind man who is a retired journalist an lives with his niece who is 8 years old aver heard a conversation passing by a car on his way home. Across his home a murder occurs, then at the train station. Franco thinks there is a connection between those murder. Franco is blind so he senses things better than most people. He has an insvagative view of things after all he was a journalist himself before he went blind. his niece is his eyes he will tell her tell me what that man looks like basically they need each other she has no other family. I love Argento sense of directing his film you will see the killer eye a close up of it and you know that will be the killer than he strikes. Also when a man is falling into an elevator shaft you will see his feet looking down than his hand gripping the cable followed by his screams. He directs like no other. There is a cool car chase in this film in most countries in Europe the streets are narrows it is very well done. I love his amazing camera works on every film he does. You have a little bit of everything in this film Murder, romance, car chase, fights. It is like a labyrinth. After all it is his animal trilogy film. Argento said at one time that was his worst film he has ever done I do not know why he feels that way but to me it is not.

The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971)















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